Food Programs

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We know how important proper nutrition is to your patients, residents and employees. That is why we use a team of certified dietary managers and registered dietitians to build each of our menus and meal plans. With our team of experts on your side, you can ensure that everyone in your organization is getting a healthy, nutritionally-balanced meal. The food we create is not only good for you and your bottom line; but it tastes delicious, too.

Healthcare Food Services
Healthcare workers and patients face one of the most stressful environments imaginable. Our meals give workers stamina and strength to face rigorous day-to-day obstacles, and comfort when they’re not at their post. For patients, we provide food that reminds them of the comfort of being at home, instead of a medical institution. Those recovering from any kind of medical condition need the proper nutrition to stay healthy or get back on their feet again.

Corporate Food Operations
As an employer, the last thing you want is to watch all of your employees crash in an important two o’clock meeting. Proper nutrition and meal plans are vital to powering through those long afternoons. One of the best ways to ensure everyone is eating properly is to provide your employees with a variety of choices. At Felder Dietary Management Services, we believe in examining your company’s culture and working with you to develop a customized solution to meeting your business’ nutritional needs.

Education Dietary Management Services
Our goal is to create menus that support healthy eating habits among students of all ages, as well as staff. Research has shown that a well-balanced meal improves focus and energy, helping students take advantage of educational opportunities. Older students and staff also benefit from a healthy diet, as nutrition remains a life-long process.

From budgeting and preparation to kitchen cleaning and organization – Felder Dietary Management Services is the only company you need. We free you from the kitchen operations so that you can focus on serving your business.

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